You Don’t Have A Shot


You hear it all of the time. “You’ve only got one shot!” And if you miss this one shot, your life is over and the hopes and dreams you’ve always secretly longed for, will never be yours. Too bad. Now you’re going to have a miserable life and you will…

2 Quick and Effective Warm-ups


Remember, the super fast warm-up yesterday? (You will use these before your workouts to feel better, move better, and crush from the very first rep) Diesel Super Fast Upper Warm-up 1. Cable Tricep Extensions: 20 reps 2. Lat Stretch (both sides): 1min each side 3. Seating Cable Rows (light): 20…

The Drop 5 Add 5 Protocol


We had a great workout last night and I wanted to share with you the flow of the warm-up and how we structured the finisher for chest. Since I was traveling all weekend, I wanted to make sure I was properly warmed up and ready-to-go before I even touched a…

Brutal Back Superset


Last night’s workout was tough, to say the least. I took a protocol out of Diesel MASS and used it in our back workout. Science doesn’t know the exact perfect time under tension needed to build muscle, but experience tells me extended sets are the key – especially for experienced…

Quick Bodyweight Workout


The best thing about bodyweight workouts is that they can be done anytime, anywhere. The second best thing about using your own bodyweight to build muscle and get stronger is that you learn how to actually move and use your body. Sedentary lifestyles have left most of us locked up…