How to Perform Amosov Squats


Amosov squats are awesome! There, I said it. If there is one exercise that you’re not being, but should, this is it. I learned about Amosov squats from Steve Maxwell, my long-time mentor and friend, a few years ago. Why are Amosov Squats an Amazing Pre-Squat Warm-up Drill? While Steve…

What is Happiness?


Our beliefs shape our lives. This is an undeniable fact. And, one of our most self-limiting beliefs is that our own happiness resides in something that is separate from ourselves or in the things that we don’t have. This same false belief tells us that everything that is good in…

The Time of Your Life?


Time is the most precious thing we have and, as the 86,400 seconds of each and every day tick away, we lose more and more of it. I began living with a sense of urgency when I realized this hard truth about life. I’m sure you’ve seen about 1,000 meme’s…

Continous Tension Sets to Build More Muscle


Originally posted on Muscle & Fitness: β€œIs it best to lock out every rep on the bench press for more muscle?” Keris Matthews Whenever greater strength and more muscle mass is the goal, a full range of motion is typically always recommended. This will develop your muscles to their greatest…

Best Push-up Variation to Build a Big Chest


One of the best push-up variations I’ve found to build more muscle mass for the chest are wide-grip push-ups. If you include wide-grip push-ups in your training – and vary the basic training variables – you can make this often-overlooked exercise even more effective at building muscle. Basics of How…