The Iron Cross Good Morning


In today’s article, I want to show you how to setup the iron cross good morning. Most lifters have seen good mornings with the barbell, but they don’t typically associate good mornings with an effective way to warm-up and activate the posterior chain in preparation for an effective workout. But,…

Diesel Quick Tip – Awesome Hip External Rotator Stretch


Here is a popular video I posted a while ago showing a quick 4-step squat warm-up routine that we’ve been using for years to help my clients and athletes squat deeper, squat better, and help them get into better positions to improve their technique. Unfortunately, many athletes have hips like…

Is That So?


For today’s message, I wanted to talk about control. What happens when we have to make a decision or attempt to tackle an obstacle that has presented itself in our lives. Well, we look at all sides. We gather all of the information we can. We debate with ourselves. We…

How to Perform Amosov Squats


Amosov squats are awesome! There, I said it. If there is one exercise that you’re not being, but should, this is it. I learned about Amosov squats from Steve Maxwell, my long-time mentor and friend, a few years ago. Why are Amosov Squats an Amazing Pre-Squat Warm-up Drill? While Steve…

What is Happiness?


Our beliefs shape our lives. This is an undeniable fact. And, one of our most self-limiting beliefs is that our own happiness resides in something that is separate from ourselves or in the things that we don’t have. This same false belief tells us that everything that is good in…