Squat Warm-up with 3D SMR on Hip


As part of being an older lifter, I’m always looking for ways or trying to invent ways to move and perform better. This means that before getting under the bar, it is so important to warm-up thoroughly. And I’m not talking about just warming up the lower body for squats…

Easy Muscle Building Workout – Running the Rack


One of the easiest ways to setup a killer workout is to simply run the rack. Running the rack involves starting on the dumbbell rack with the lightest weight and working your way up every single increment. All you have to do is pick an exercise, set your target number…

Stop Being a Victim


Every single day we’re overloaded with massive amounts of information, including posts, articles, “Likes”, “Shares”, or videos about every thing you can imagine. So it is very rare that you come across a video that makes you stop and pause for a moment. This is the story of Ben Jackson.…

The Iron Cross Good Morning


In today’s article, I want to show you how to setup the iron cross good morning. Most lifters have seen good mornings with the barbell, but they don’t typically associate good mornings with an effective way to warm-up and activate the posterior chain in preparation for an effective workout. But,…

Diesel Quick Tip – Awesome Hip External Rotator Stretch


Here is a popular video I posted a while ago showing a quick 4-step squat warm-up routine that we’ve been using for years to help my clients and athletes squat deeper, squat better, and help them get into better positions to improve their technique. Unfortunately, many athletes have hips like…