An Open Letter to My Daughters


With each passing day, no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to stop you from growing up too fast.  The girls that used to need me for everything they did, are now becoming more and more independent every day.  While you still think that I am the strongest, smartest and coolest Dad, I wanted to quickly give you some life lessons and tell you why I love you so much.

1.  Remember, the way I treat your Mom is what you should look for in your life.

2.  I can’t help dancing around and trying to embarrass you when you’re with your friends.  I’m selfish.  I have to see that beautiful smile.

3.  If I tell you that he’s not good enough for you, it is because I don’t see enough of me, in him.

4.  Sorry for all of the calls.  I couldn’t stop worrying until you were home again.

5.  Yes, I stayed another 5 minutes on the sidewalk after you got on the bus and left.  I hope you saw me waving through the windows.

6.  I am 100% focused on your life and your potential.

7.  I want your history to bring a smile.

8.  I want you to live with no regrets and a sense of urgency.  My job is to teach you how to do that.

9.  There will always be those who tell you that it is too hard or it can’t be done.  Remember that I told you that you can have anything you want, as long as you’re willing to work for it.

10.  I never knew what true love was until you were born.

11.  I have regrets.  I’m not perfect.  I hope it is a long time before you realize that.

12.  I will never tell you that you can get me to do anything just by looking at me and smiling.

13.  Remember those trips that Daddy took?  I’m sorry. But you were with me the whole time.

14.  Each one of you is different and yet the same; a cheerleader, an artist, a tomboy – but you’re all angels.

15. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

16. Remember what I always say, it isn’t about the clothes, your hair, makeup; it is about your mind and your heart.

17. Never stop dreaming and whatever makes you feel alive – do it every day for the rest of your life.

18. Kids are cruel. Life is cruel. If you can love yourself and everything about yourself, then what others say won’t matter. Be yourself and those who love you for who you are will want to be around you.

19. Don’t be scared; be brave. Don’t hesitate; take action.

20.  I want to thank you for teaching me how to be a real man.  Oh yeah, tell your Mom thanks for taking a chance on me.

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  • Chris Gayle

    A truely beautiful letter brother.

    • Anonymous

      thanks Chris

  • Conor

    Great stuff Smitty!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Conor


    very nice, real stuff right dere

  • Deborah Flowers

    ♥ Exemplary words of wisdom, From a great Dad.

  • Anders Gatti

    Great Smitty!

    I am a father of two boys and I can just say-Respect!
    This is pure love.
    Live the life you want for yourself everyday!

  • Tank

    Wow, brought a tear to my eye. #1 super powerful. Makes me want to be a better husband! Thx 4 sharing something so beautiful!

  • Costa

    Father of 2 girls here. I feel these things every time I see my 2 lil’ angels.
    Being a real man and father are the hardest things. Also the most rewarding.
    God bless you brother.

  • Matt

    Very thought provoking, as a father I will definately be reading this again.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Seja_LiveLaughLove

    This letter is amazing. I wish that every father would do this. My mentor once shared a letter with me that the character in a book ( a dying father) had written. The father had created a council of fathers who had the traits that he wanted his children to aspire too. (I’m not trying to drag anyone down, but the story really makes you think). Great letter, your children are lucky to have you.