How to Make Homemade Softball Grips



How to Make Homemade Softball Grips

I recently posted some training videos lately showing a pair of softball grips we had made for the gym.  One video showed how to perform supersets for strength and more muscle size and the other one was from the training session with Tony Gentilcore.   After each post, I must have received 40-50 emails asking how we made them.  In this article, we’ll go through the simple steps.

After you read the article, check below for the contest details (yep, they’re really simple) where you could win a pair for FREE.  And yes, I will ship the set anywhere in the world.  What I hope though, is that the contest turns into something much bigger.

Equipment Needed

1.  Drill

2.  Welder (optional, see below)

3.  Crescent wrench (optional, see below)

Materials Needed

- 2 – 11″ softballs

- 2 – 3/8″ x 8 ” eyebolts

- 4 – 5/16″ washers *

- 2 – 7/16 carabeeners

- 2 – 9″ lengths of chain links

- 2 – 8″ lengths of rubber hose (optional)

- 4 – 3/8″ locking nuts (optional)

 * – If you don’t have a welder, then you can substituted 2 hex head locking nuts on top of both washers, at the bottom of EACH eye bolt.  (see below)

How to Assemble the Softball Grips

Step 1:  Drill a hole through the middle of each softball in this middle spot position.

Step 2:  Slide the eyebolt through the softball

Step 3:  Weld both washers onto the end of the eyebolt.  Don’t have a welder, see next step.

Step 3 (OPTIONAL):  If you don’t have a welder, here is what you do.   Substitute 2 hex head locking nuts at the bottom of EACH eye bolt, on top of the 2 washers, to hold the softball on. You will still need the washers though.  Thread both washers onto the bottom of the eyebolt and then screw on the first nut tight.  Then screw on the second nut right behind the first one to lock everything in place.

Step 4 (OPTIONAL):  Thread each chain through the rubber hose.  This step is also optional – we did it to save the wear and tear on the pull-up bar, i.e., prevent scratches.

Step 5:  Snap carabeener to one end of the chain

Step 6:  Snap the carabeener + chain combo to the eyebolt

Step 7:  Wrap chain around the pull-up bar and snap the free end to the carabeener


These grips are virtually indestructible.  They’ve held a 280lb + guy for pull-ups and they didn’t even flinch.


Here is where it gets fun.  You can enter for a chance to win a FREE pair of softball grips and I will ship them to your house, anywhere in the world.

Here’s the deal (yeah, it is simple). Go to the Pay It Forward post above.

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  • Peter

    Hi Jim ,
    can you make these with tennis balls,cos i’ve never heard of softballs ??? no idea where you would get them here in Scotland ,
    cheers ,

  • Jeff

    I am volunteering to ring the bell for the Salvation Army this week. I need to always remember how fortunate I am for what I have and help others.

    A post on how to make the bowling ball macebell would be appreciated as well.

  • Troy – Cube.Dweller.Fitness

    I will have to try making a set of these. They look like a great challenge.

    Do you weld the eye bolts closed? After use have you seen them start to bend at all?

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  • Troy – Cube.Dweller.Fitness

    James Thanks for posting the plans. I had to make some. Check out my post and video.

    I sent a link back to your site and twitter.

    Now that I have them. Any training tips?

  • Mike

    Hi there,

    Great idea and plans. After seeing pictures of Torque Athletics baseball and softball grip trainers I had to try and make them. I used rope to make a “monkeyfist” knot. Took several attempts with different sizes and types of rope. I found a coarse hemp type worked best. The monkeyfist makes the surface uneven, maybe easier or harder depending on your view.
    Either way, it is a challenging grip trainer.