"Who Else Wants These 3 Essential Muscle Building Tools To Explode Your Gains in the Gym and Finally Help You Achieve Your Goals NOW?!"

The #1 question I get asked all the time is, "Why can't I make gains in the gym?" Probably because after reading all of the forums, blogs and magazines, you get confused about where to start. Most of the programs you will find have too much volume and nothing about real training.

You need to learn how to start:
- doing the right exercises
- at the right intensity
- with the correct form
- for the right volume
- and with the right frequency

If you learn these key components, you are going to see SUCCESS in the SHORTEST TIME possible!

To help you get started, I have put together an awesome compilation of 3 really cool, and absolutely FREE muscle building products. These unique and innovative ebooks, interview and 3-part video series will jump start your program and get you gaining muscle mass and strength FAST.

Here is what is in the FREE MUSCLE BUILDING POWER PAK:

   Deadlift Fundamentals 101 Manual
This massive manual is 200 pages devoted to one of the most important exercises for adding big muscle over the entire body. Not only does this manual discuss all the different techniques for deadlifting, it demonstrates TONS of supplemental exercises that build the strength needed to increase your deadlift AND build your posterior chain. This is not only ESSENTIAL for developing muscle but also improving your posture and movement.
  • Find out which exercises you MUST do to build the posterior chain and increase your deadlift
  • Learn the correct hip position to ensure you never injure your lower back deadlifting again!
  • Think lifting in Nike Shox will help? Think again! The right shoes make all the difference, find out which ones to use!
   Athletic Explosive Lower Body Training
The powerful 3-part lower body workout shows EVERYTHING! The warm-up, the activation and the innovative lower body training for athletes. Increase your explosive power potential NOW!
  • Walk out of the car and starting squatting? Get ready to get hurt real bad! Find out the critical steps you need to take before you start doing ANYTHING in the gym
  • Never before seen exercises to improve your lower body explosiveness!
  • An insane conditioning finisher for your workout that will revolutionize your power training and get your stride more forceful which will increase your acceleration!
   Exclusive Muscle Building Interview with Men's Fitness Expert Jason Ferruggia
Jason goes into detail about how he trains his athletes to get jacked and powerful. What exercises should be done and what intensity really means. You don't need fancy equipment or expensive supplements to build muscle and get stronger.
  • Stop doing those worthless isolation exercises and start doing Jason's important mass building movements!
  • Learn about intensity and never say die attitude. Jason will make your next workout the best you've had in a long time!
  • Learn from the expert, Jason is one of the top coaches in the world and has trained some of the top athletes in the US!

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