Once More Into the Fray


Once More Into the Fray

I have another message for you today.

Listen up.

I just watched the movie The Grey with
Liam Neeson last night and I loved it.

It was a very good movie with a big lesson.

The very lesson I am trying to get into your soul, into
your very being every day.


In the movie, there was a flashback where Liam’s Dad, a
poet, had written a 4 line poem. The theme of the
poem was always present throughout the movie and was
revealed and integrated into the final scene.

It was so powerful it caught me off guard. I actually stopped
the movie and read it over and over again.

Actually brought tears to my eyes.

Do you want to know what it said?

Here it is:

Once more into the fray
Into the last good fight I’ll ever know
Live and die on this day
Live and die on this day

Read it again.


I kept this message with me throughout my morning workout.
But after thinking about it all day, I had a different thought.

As I get ready for my second workout today (you don’t want
to know, I don’t want to scare you), I rewrote the poem for me
AND for you.

Are you wondering what I wrote?

Once more into the fray
Into the last good fight I’ll ever know
Live OR die on this day
Live OR die on this day

Read that again.

You have a choice. A choice to be average. A choice
to be like everyone else. A choice to stay comfortable.


You have a choice to fight. A choice to crush. A choice
to finally reveal the true you to your friends and those who
thought you could never get to where you are today.

You better fight and LIVE or you will die without ever knowing
what it is to LIVE.

I made the choice a long time ago.

What are you waiting for?

Rage against the dying of the light,


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  • Terautia

    Thanks for the post! I am feeling a bit tired after a busy weekend and was already thinking about missing my workout of the day. Your message was heard and now I’m off to the gym!

    • Anonymous

      Get after it!

  • Conor

    Nice post…that just gave me the little spark that I needed for the day.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Conor.

  • rmg

    very true – you need to fight, and you are the only one that can do your fight, no one else.

    • Anonymous


  • Tim Dymmel

    Thanks for the movie suggestion. I’m adding it to the queue.

    • Anonymous


  • Janila

    Liam Neeson is awesome. The poem makes me think: if I’m not living it to my best each day, I’m dying each day. Meaning a day gone is a day gone FOREVER.
    Great post!! Thanks Smitty!

    • Anonymous


  • Chad

    I got tingles when they worked that poem into the final scene. Badass movie. Badass post.

  • Jordan Hanlon

    Great post Smitty. Solid movie but it leaves you with a lot of mixed feelings. Not in a bad way. Be sure to watch for the scene after the credits.

  • Jimmy

    Now I keep visualizing him the movie “Nell” ,with Jodie Foster saying “May Tay ina Fray”…..instead of “May Tay ina win” LOL

  • Jan Michal Zapedowski

    The key concept is that in order to truly live, you have to internalize the concept of your own death. Hence, to live AND die. “This day” could just as easily be “this life.” “To live and die in this life.” The only life you have, or ever will have.

    If you wait until the moment of your death to face death, you will live in FEAR; whereas, from the moment you become comfortable with death, you will live your entire life without any FEAR at all. Because all FEAR is connected to fear of death.

    And since FEAR is the primary barrier you will face in your life, a life without FEAR is a life without any internal barriers. A better life than you were going to live, before you made this transformation.

  • Al

    The ‘live OR die’ line already was there in the movie! Did you miss where he says that? You didn’t rewrite it I’m afraid! He speaks those words while contemplating suicide after leaving the bar…