Strength Training Workouts with Tony Gentilcore


Strength Training with Tony Gentilcore

I mentioned previously that Tony Gentilcore was stopping by the Diesel Compound this past weekend, and I was able to get video proof!  Tony brought his girlfriend Lisa and they both came ready to train.   I’ve known Tony for many years and he is part owner of one of the premier coaching facilities in the US – Cressey Performance.  He is also a really cool and funny guy. I’ve mentioned it several times in videos and interviews about my mindset when I travel – I have a beginner’s mind.  With each successive seminar and talking with other strength coaches, I never bring my opinions into the equation until I’m asked.  I want to learn as much from the experience as possible, without my own biases getting in the way.  This is the mark of a true coach – someone who is always trying to learn while remaining humble.

Tony is the same way.

He came in ready to learn and to get a good session in.

Below you will see just a few exercises that we did during the training.  Unfortunately, I didn’t video the warm-up but here is one exercise we did - click HERE.

In this first video, Tony hits the Macebell, bamboo bar, push-ups with chains, pull-ups on softballs and Diesel Rows.

Quick Benefits:

Macebell – upper body strength mobility, grip strength endurance
Bamboo Bar – dynamic stabilization for rotator cuff, chest, shoulders and triceps, mental acuity
Push-ups with Chains – bad assery
Diesel Rows – strength of shoulders through full ROM
Pull-ups on Softballs – gettin’ real time

In this second video, Tony hits the Diesel Man Maker in a beast time of 5:20.

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  • Ong Beng Hwee

    Where can I get the softballs seen in the videos?

  • Robert Fabsik

    Great training vids.

    What did you make your Bamboo Barbell out of?